Is starting your coaching business harder than you thought it would be?

Have you known for awhile that you need support to get your coaching business off the ground but you aren't sure which program to sign up for and what courses you need?

Have you known for awhile that you need a coach but don't quite have the budget for one?

Are you signing up for every feebie you can get your hands on in the hopes that finally you'll get the answers you need yet most of them are vague and clutter your inbox?

Are you following coach after coach wishing you could work with them but they're too expensive?

Or maybe you're tired of all the information and training being all over the internet that you've been wishing there was one place to go for training, tips, resources, and coaching techniques.



I hear you!

I know what it's like to be so overwhelmed with all the information out there and not really knowing where you need start. I've spent over 10K and have worked with 6 different coaches. At times I wished there was a resource where I could get individual courses each month to help me learn how start, grow, and run my business. 

You might be feeling scared, lost, lonely...

You might even feel like you're not getting any closer to your dream.

You feel overworked, uninspired, like it's never going to happen for you...


You need to know this- There are women out there who are living your dream right this second. So why not you?

The truth is you've attended the webinar, listened to the virtual summit, signed up for the email list, and searched google more times than you care to admit. All to try and get your coaching business off the ground and grow it. 

You're wondering if your dream is just "too big" or you'll never be as big as (Insert Big Name Coach).


Listen to me when I say your dreams aren't too big and you can have a successful business. You just can't do it alone.


I decided to make this easy on you.

It's time for you to have a HUB of courses, training, all things coaching, mindset, and online biz. 

I've also realized that so many of you are looking for 1:1 coaching, but aren't quite ready for that investment yet.

Girlfriend, if you're ANYTHING like me, you've spent thousands of dollars tapping into information across the internet and quite frankly, across the world.  

I'm giving you a solution for your bank account, your business, your brain, your body, your soul, and your sanity.


That's why I created


A monthly membership site for both new and experienced coaches- Who want continued training, make money and impact the world. This is truly a one of kind program for coaches to gain support from a like mind community that not only gets you but also cheers you on every step of the way. you can access courses, coaching, and resources for an INSANELY LOW price.


Having support, training, and community is what got me from just thinking about starting my coaching business to actually getting it off the ground. By launching my first One-on-One program I made my corporate salary within the first month - It's possible for you too!


In an online world that seems overcrowded and you aren't sure which way to go, this is the one space where you can go from stressed, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed new business owner to living purposefully doing what you know you're meant to do- coach and change lives. I designed this membership to work around the 9-5 grind, family, and life so that you will be able to go through each months work and show up for the live training. 

This is for women who know they aren't meant for the corporate world. They have bigger dreams - Like jet setting the world, freedom, flexibility, abundance. 

You Deserve all of that and more.


This is for you if you want...


step by step how to start your business from the ground up. 



 monthly coaching that doesn't cost you thousands.


Have a fully booked calendar with clients that want to work with YOU.


Be part of a community of women who are lighting the world.


Become the best coach you can be with the best training and techniques.


Learn the inside scoop on creating products, packages, and courses that sell.

What will you learn?

The Female Coaching Society teaches you the systems and the structures needed to build an online business. Along with teaching you coaching techniques, package development, mindset and much more. This is geared specifically to women in the coaching industry who want to leverage and grow beyond where they currently are. 


What will you get?


New 3-4 part course added every month by the 5th.

Magazine like workbooks for each course

Interviews from industry professionals

Access to the private community

Planners and checklist

Mindset work

Meditation Audios

Monthly group Training


Become a VIP!

Register below to become a VIP and get a one on one coaching session each month!

This option is perfect if you want a more hands on one on one coaching to help you succeed and grow in your coaching business. You'll get everything in the standard membership PLUS one on one time with Heather!

Learn her inside secrects to launching a successful coaching business



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